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Jacobs Pavilion | Cleveland, Ohio


The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We... One of this generation's beloved indie and folk-rock icons is hitting the stage. In support of her newest album, The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We, she's embarking on a highly-anticipated comeback tour, taking her biggest hits, fan favorites, and new anthems to the stage. Part of the trek is a special stop at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica on Tuesday, September 3. The new album also includes her most successful single to date, "My Love Mine All Mine". The track joins her roster of hits and loved gems - "The Only Heartbreaker", "Should've Been Me", "First Love / Late Spring", and "Nobody". Hailed as the "best young songwriter" of the nation by The Guardian, she's dazzled listeners and audiences around the world with her unique groove and eccentric energy. Witness her lyrical tales, astounding choreography, and soaring vocals live on stage by booking your tickets now!

Mitski Miyawaki is definitely a wonderful gem in the indie and fol-rock scene. Well-known among her tight-knit fanbase for her earlier releases "First Love / Late Spring", "Your Best American Girl", "Happy", "The Only Heartbreaker", and "Nobody", the iconic woman steadily grew her fanbase, with her music naturally touching the hearts of listeners around the globe. Hailing from Japan, Mitski eventually settled in the U.S., establishing her passion for music with a classically trained background. Since then, she developed her distinct and captivating sound that got us all hooked.

This time around, the singer dropped her most successful single to-date, "My Love Mine All Mine", off her newest album "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We". As a follow-up to her 2022 album "Laurel Hell", Mitski is pursuing greater heights, revealing that she is penning music and lyrics for the upcoming musical of "The Queen's Gambit".

In support of her new album, Mitski is kicking off a series of intimate shows, hoping to create an extra special experience in theaters across the city, ensuring that every member of the audience will get to connect with her music, live on stage. “In our efforts to make the show experience extra special, we found beautiful, seated theaters to play over multiple nights, rather than one giant venue per city, in the hopes of offering a more intimate experience to the audience,” she wrote on Instagram.

Mitski's intimate shows are known for their special energy that heals the soul. Her music breathed a new life, elevating the experience like no other. She's always shared her gratitude to her fans for taking the time to become a part of her extra special performances. "You all have been so lovely and supportive, and I wanted to show my deep gratitude to you by coming here first, before anywhere else," she told attendees in her brief run of shows last year.

Today's music scene is filled with an era of virality and a hunt for the world's deep-hidden gems. Now, Mitski's prowess is unfolding, her fanbase growing, and her music challenging the mainstream scene. Despite her recent growth and increased visibility, she remains true to her craft. She values authenticity and connecting with every heart - her listeners and live audience.

"The music I love, that has saved me, is the kind that really gets to the heart of myself and the person performing it. And so I decided that even if more harm may come to me, I would be serving my purpose better if I actually wrote something that felt closer to my heart," she shared via The Guardian.

Don't miss out on Mitski's North American Tour, live at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica ohn September 3rd by booking your tickets now!

Mitski at Jacobs Pavilion

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