Mike (Michael Francis Seander) at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica

Mike (Michael Francis Seander) Tickets

Jacobs Pavilion | Cleveland, Ohio

Mike (Michael Francis Seander)

Mike Francis Seander, previously known by the rapper tag, Mike Stud, and now re-tagged as simply Mike., is hitting the road for his 2024 ‘Upside Down Tour’. Mike is the platinum recording artist that went from producing songs in his college dormroom to becoming a rapper sensation that played nearly 500 shows as Mike Stud. Over the last two years he has been creating a new sound as Mike.. Now, for 2024 Mike. is excited to be journeying across North America for his ‘Upside Down Tour’ not long after his studio album release, ‘The Lows’ in 2024/04/11. His tour is the perfect chance to see how the rapper has built and created his new sound, as well as hear his latest hit tracks live. Tickets for Friday the 2nd of August at the Jacobs Pavilion, at Nautica, are on sale now, so guarantee your spots for Mike.’s 2024 ‘Upside Down Tour’ and book now!

Since his last tour two years ago, rapper Mike. has undergone a transformation that is not totally alien to his style but shows a fresher, newer sound that promises good things from him. He wanted to hone and work on his sound to create something truly unique to him. For 2024 he is travelling across the North of America for his ‘Upside Down Tour’, his first big round of performance dates since he shed the tag ‘Mike Stud’ and became ‘Mike.’. Alongside the release of his 2024 album, ‘The Lows’, it is a great time to see the latest from the rapper as he keeps developing his sound.

Mike.’s career started on unconventional paths, with his jokey song, ‘College Humor’, a track created as a joke about his time as a relief pitcher in the baseball team at Duke University, becoming a viral hit. That song marked the start of Mike.’s musical recognition. His 2013 release, ‘Relief’ was a success and led Mike. out of dorm bedrooms, onto stages and into studios.

Since his 2013 release Mike. has released 6 more studio albums, become a hugely popular live rapper and a platinum recording artist as well as kept fans on their toes to see what the next step in his music journey will be. Mike. shows he is on a roll – his debut album as Mike., ‘The Highs’, debuted at number 56 on the Billboard Hot 100, was deemed as the number 1 Rollingstone Breakthrough Artist and topped the three big music streaming services, iTunes, Apple and Spotify, charts.

His 2024 tour promises to be something really special, and his love for feel-good song writing, hip hop lyricism and catchy melodies are just the thing to bring bounciness to your year – so don’t miss out on Mike.’s 2024 ‘Upside Down Tour’ at the Jacobs Pavilion, at Nautica, on Friday 2nd August 2024. You will experience a music concert that is genre-bending and popping, with a heady music blend of nostalgia and the future.

Grab your chance to hear his tracks, such as ‘He Said He Said’, ‘Up Again’ and ‘Two Birds’ live on stage and book your tickets without delay!

Mike (Michael Francis Seander) at Jacobs Pavilion

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