Koe Wetzel at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica

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Jacobs Pavilion | Cleveland, Ohio

Koe Wetzel

It is finally here, time for Country to meet Rock... An experience you'll never forget, and something you HAVE to be a part of... so, if you've been before, well, you know, and if you haven't... well, here's your chance. Koe Wetzel comes to Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica, in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday, August 21st, 2024 with Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler. For his, slightly miss-named tour, Damn Near Normal.

He's a touring favorite, and he's earned that the hard way, now Koe is looking to be more than just a streaming-beloved genre favorite and take his name and style deep into country music's mainstream. With his release of his new single "Damn Near Normal," he's going after the Country Rockers, and he's going hard!!! So, for a boot stompin' good time, Get your Tickets right here, right now!

The Damn Near Normal World Tour 2024 will encompass a bar crawling 46 dates poured over 34 American cities, including the Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica, in Cleveland, OH on August 21st, 2024, plus, it will be downed in 12 overseas stops in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway and will come to a staggering end in Copenhagen, Denmark at Lille Vega. This little jaunt around the world isn't happening alone either, supporting acts for the bar to bar trek will include Treaty Oak Revival, Kolby Cooper, Pecos And The Rooftops, Tanner Usrey, Dylan Wheeler, Kat Hasty, and Kolton Moore.

Koe Wetzel is aiming to bring that country rock BACK. With the release of his latest single that Wetzel teased for weeks, and gained some serious hype around, "9 Lives (Black Cat)" is finally here, and is a quintessential Koe Wetzel song. A return to that gritty Texas rock sound he broke out with, and a return to the country rock star pushing the limits. “I always like hitting the listener right in the nose. ‘9 Lives’ is a straight-up rock song, man. I’m influenced by so many genres of music, but with this record, I found myself going back to the Texas country and classic rock that I grew up listening to.” Koe said at the release of the track.

Koe had been wanting to get back to an edgier sound, and stated, that, after working on the song.“I will say, from what we have worked together on, I want to get a little edgier. Let’s get crazy with it. I feel like we have enough slower songs than what people are used to from me, so let’s get back to what they know. Which is that rocky, nasty sh*t.” So, scroll to the bottom of the page, turn the sound up as high as it goes and listen to it for yourself, right now.

Looking back at his previous release, a song called “Damn Near Normal,” and putting the broken pieces of bottles back together, I'm sure it's safe to assume, that it and "9 Lives (Black Cat)" may be part of a forthcoming album. The clues are all there, even Koe stating, “I can't tell you right now, man,” in an earlier interview. “I will say that we've been in the studio a lot, so I'll leave it at that.”

Koe Wetzel with Treaty Oak Revival, and Dylan Wheeler on The Damn Near Normal World Tour 2024, coming to Cleveland's Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica on Wednesday, August 21st, 2024. Probably with a brand-new album, but definitely drunk, and drinking... Get Tickets, it'll be a blast!

Koe Wetzel at Jacobs Pavilion

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