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Jacobs Pavilion | Cleveland, Ohio


The indie groove music of the Connecticut-based band Goose will echo loudly in Cleveland's famous open-air amphitheater, Jacobs Pavilion, this Sunday, June 16. Fans of the band's fluid musicianship and spirited improvisational performance will surely be delighted to see them bring their 2024 Summer Tour to the venue. Join Rick Mitarotonda and the rest of his band in an evening of catchy songs, jaw-dropping musicianship, and impressive improvisations that will remind you of Phish and the Grateful Dead — but with a unique touch, of course! If you are enjoying Goose's latest album "Ted Tapes 2024," this concert is a must-attend because they will surely perform their newest songs, along with their greatest hits, including "Arcadia," "So Ready," "Dripfield," and "Hungersite," among many others. Grab your tickets today, and get ready to be swept away by Goose's infectious energy and boundless creativity. Hit the "Get Tickets" link now.

Jam-rock bands are uniquely stellar in their style. Bands in this scene are known for their improvisations and experimentations. Among those who rose above all in this scene are the Grateful Dead, Blues Travelers, The Allman Brothers Band, Phish, and Umphrey's McGee. These bands are huge influences on today's generation of jam bands. One jam band that benefited most from the contributions of the icons of the scene is Goose.

Goose prides themselves on the style they call "indie-groove." In this style, they fuse multiple rock subgenres with progressive rock, trad-rock, funk, and folk as their most common sounds. These are known for their electrifying rhythms and indie feel.

As a jam band, they are the best when they are on stage performing live. They did so in the first two years of their career. In 2016, they decided to record their songs, which spawned the album "Moon Cabin."

Their rise to jam band stardom came in 2019 when they were invited to perform at the prestigious Peach Music Festival, which is organized by The Allman Brothers Band. Their performance caught the attention of more rock fans including icons in the scene like Ezra Koenig, the frontman of the Grammy-winning rock band Vampire Weekend. In 2021, both bands collaborated, and Goose created an improvised jam version of Vampire Weekend's "2021."

Five years after the release of their debut, "Shenanigans Nite Club" was released. This album was their most experimental with many genres mixing in their tracks. These included songs that were charmed with their energy and high spirits. This album was a warm-up to their mainstream success, their third album "Dripfield," spawning in 2022. The successful album was well-received by critics. Many praised it for its originality and boldness; others admired Goose's range of managing to jampack genres into one album.

This year, they will be commencing a massive summer tour. This tour will see them performing in many venues in North America, reaching coast to coast. Catch the band at the Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica on June 16. Do not miss this incredible concert. You can now buy tickets for this concert!

Goose at Jacobs Pavilion

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