Chappell Roan at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica

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Jacobs Pavilion | Cleveland, Ohio

Chappell Roan

Cleveland, you are in for a treat! Chappell Roan is on the road this summer, and she’s taking her Midwest Princess Tour still promoting her 2023 album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, to the Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica on Tuesday, 28th May 2024. Roan’s been on the rise in the last few years, not only as a musician but as one of the best showwomen in the business. The tour actually has different types of “shows” that are tailored to the venue or a specific date. At the Jacobs Pavilion, she’ll be bringing her Midwest princess theme to the stage.

Kind of a missed opportunity here, to be honest! She’s got the mermaid theme set for other dates. The Jacobs Pavillion in the summer by the lake? Was there a better venue for the theme?? In any case, these different themes make it worth it to catch in other parts of the country because you can get a completely different experience each time. Make sure to click the get tickets button soon! These shows are selling out quickly.

Chappell Roan shows are colorful and a blast all the way around. If you think the “Swifties” go all out with their outfits, it’s because you’ve never seen Chappell Roan live! There are already people in the comment section of her IG page trying to figure out how they’re going to match their outfits to the concert theme. You can expect a lot of pink cowboy hats and short shorts on display in Cleveland on the last Tuesday in May. There’s still time to get together with friends and think up what the best group outfit’s going to be. You’ll want to get there early to look around and see how some of the other people dressed up. It’s part of the experience with Chappell Roan for sure.

Apart from the show itself, what you can expect from Roan as a performer is amazing vocals. A lot of the early work she did as still a teen was very influenced by Lady Gaga and other performers who give off a similar vibe. In her later years, she’s come into her own, finding her unique voice. Roan’s mentioned in the past that she feels a little Hannah Montana. In the sense that Chappell Roan’s her drag character where, she can really be herself. That “character” has certainly developed both on stage and in her lyrics, which she mostly writes, into an act that’s unique. There’s no shame in being influenced by Gaga, but at this point in her career, Roan’s got a voice of her own, and it’s powerful!

“Red Wine Supernova” is likely going to get one of the biggest cheers of the night. Imagine hearing those tunes come up; you’re with your friends right next to the lake. The Jacobs Pavilion is going to allow her to put on a special show. Knowing her, she’s not going to back down from the opportunity to do just that. You want to hit that get tickets button now. A lot of these shows are selling out, and the prices of those tickets could go up the longer you wait! Plus, this Cleveland date is right around the corner.

Chappell Roan at Jacobs Pavilion

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